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♪ when you're not strong... ♪ you all right, man? . police have found a suspect in the mud an elderly couple in baltimore county. >> we have a beautiful weekend coming up but big changes by monday. with we are tracking another storm. the details coming up. >> two homicides in two months, now the liquor board will review the license of a park view bar. why neighbors are having the party. >> cute styles, cute models, the less -- website looks real. >> buyer beware the bridal gown scam that fearly ruined a wedding. we start with a big step forward in the investigation into a murder that shocked a
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quiet historic neighborhood in baltimore county the peppers were laid to rest. the police had been looking for their grandson and tonight found him. neighbors put up a smallwooden cross outside the home of the peppers. >> we may never know what completely happened. we feel pretty good that we are one step closer to finding out what happened to some loved neighbors. republicanan one step closer because now baltimore county police have located matthew long, the 31-year-old grandson of the pepper who had been living with them. tonight he is in the hospital in oklahoma and county police have a lot of questions for him. >> he is in a hospital out there receiving medical treatment and our detectives have flown to oklahoma in hopes of interviewing him in reference to this case. we are considering him as. >> reporter: there were no signs of forcedn 't forced
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entry. >> him being in the hospital, i just hope they don't use that as some kind of excuse. he needs to be brought to justice. >> reporter: on monday baltimore county police entered long into the national missing person's database and tuesday police in oklahoma alerted baltimore county police that he was in the hospital there, back in the neighborhood there is still shock over the crime and sadness over the loss. >> the couple had to go through -- traumatic thing together but thank god they are together now. >> reporter: police are still not saying how they died. they aren't saying how long ended up in oklahoma, how he got in to the hospital or what condition is keeping him there. the pepper was laid to rest after a funeral service on the eastern shore.
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. >> . >> police say a 17-year-old driver was turning in to the wawa convenience store. green how was thrown from the motorcycle and died at the hospital. he is from perryville. the driver of the car and passengers weren't hurt. the new school year already includes a high school shooting and a gun brought to a middle school. the question for frightened parents and students, what will be done to make schools safer as jeff reports they have answers from the county's new superintendent. >> reporter: long before a 15- year-old student boarded a bus for his first day of school with a gun, some perry hall students became aware of a message through social media why which robert gladden junior claimed it would be the last day oof his life. now the school system is encouraging students to report anything suspicious through a
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new safe school tips hotline. > if you see anything on the social media site. if you see or hear anything at after school programs, anything f you aren't even at school but hear something, let us know. we want the information. we will work with police to determine whether it's legit. don't hesitate to talk and let us know. >> reporter: the school system is expanding its offices, safety and security adding another director. baltimore county police have committed to running additional patrols at the school and making handheld metal detectors available to school resource officers. teachers also are being called onto look for signs of troubled students in their classrooms. >> bullying one facet but not the only one. there are students who just don't feel connected. we want teachers to be aware of that subpoena spend time with that student to find out why. >> reporter: many of the security enhancements are also
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outlined in a letter the schools will send home with students through monday. the superintendent is reaching out to them through a videotaped message on the system's website. >> there is no place in our schools for violence. we will make sure as a school system we do everything possible to maintain safety. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> the safe school tip hotline will let people make reports anonymously. baltimore is also working on a e-mail and text system. this is something you have been talking about tonight. it's a hot topic on the web. we asked what do you think about baltimore county's new security plans and you can join the conversation by logging to facebook. a lot of people have done that tonight. well we have had five absolutely beautiful days while we have been stuck here all week. just beautiful, monday through friday. it. >> i think -- it'll be a
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beautiful weekend but we have a problem. by monday. could he be a big soaker of a system. we will talk aboutt. we will show you a beautiful shot. looking out at the inner harbor. temperatures falling back in to the 50s. nice i. radar showing us that the bulk of the heaviest activity the rain well up to central pennsylvania. out around state college, maybe a couple scattered showers. not really headlining that. the winds pick up as we go in to the next 24 hours, 69 in town. look at frederick. we had temperatures in to the 50s in pittsburgh. that is the cooler air that will come into place. the planner looks like this. we will start out tomorrow morning with 60 degrees, the breeze picked up around lunch or 72 degrees. afternoon highs between 70 to 75 in the city and then nice cooldown as we head into sunday and monday. we will talk tropics and nadine over the central atlantic. >> thank you. two murders this summer at a
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bar in parkville may change how the owners do business. the liquor board will review the license for that establishment. >> reporter: >> reporter: if the license is taken the bar may have to shut down. people who live next door say it's a long time coming and reason to celebrate. everybody knows the name but it's not celebrated like cheers in boston. the bar has captured headlines following two homicides. one in the parking lot in july and just two weeks ago baltimore county police say a security guard was stabbed to death while breaking up a night. the bar is a cross the street from homes. >> those people out after the bars close and there have been fights after the bar has closed. loud music, the thumping going on and my wife and i wake up and are like we can't believe they are still out there. >> reporter: over the past few weeks there has been a change. >> less noise, less traffic.
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it's almost like it's on shut down. >> reporter: you can still seal a bullet hole in one home. neighbors say from a fight years ago. now they are making noise and hoping the baltimore county liquor board hears. the chief administrator said a hearing is scheduled for next month to determine in the owners should be allowed to keep their license. >> just close it down. >> reporter: we talked to the owner on the phone but he wouldn't comment. we and his wife remembered their friend at a vigil the night after he died. he left a 4-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter. >> there have been other people that have lost their lives, nothing was done until they lost one of their own. now maybe they will step up. >> reporter: baltimore county police say there were homicides at the same location in 2004 and 2005. the board has scheduled a
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public hearing. neighbors plan to present a petition to revoke the license. >> police in baltimore county say three fires overnight in essex were all caused by the same person. calls started in around 4:30 for flames. a car report of a vehicle and a boat burned. a man is charged with arson. we talked to a victim who doesn't think it was personal but is having a hard time losing the things he says can't be replaced. >> dune buggy which, you know pretty much irreplacable. had it for 20 some years. jeep, gcj7. it was -- you know everybody else it's nothing but to me it's my -- what i -- i enjoy it, it's my hobby. >> lot of damage there. the suspect lives in the area where the fires happened. health officials confirm
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another case of west nile virus pushing the number of cases in that county to three. crews sprayed for mosquitoes that transmit the virus earlier this week. there have been 25 cases and two deaths. west nile can be hard to find because the symptoms look like the flu but in more severe cases people have extreme stiffness and other problems. it's a done deal. rg steel mill now belongs to the hilco company, best known for liquid ating properties but today they want to find someone to runt. they bought it for 7 2.5 million dollars. that sounds like a lot bust four years ago rg bought it for $810 million. coming up, anger spreading, protests growing over a video hard line muslims say be littles their prophet.
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more chanting more fires today as four patriots return home, victims of the violence from there. . and this is our wmarapp. you can get it on android, take a look. 63 laurel. we have a band of showers moving across the area. monday that could be a problem. we will talk about that coming up. . >> and a deal to good to be true. the gown website that left a bride to be in tears. the news is back in 60 seconds.
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. welcome back. we go overseas for the developing story in the middle east. africa and now sasia. anti machine demonstrations as the bodies of four americans killed in libya arrive back in the united states. >> reporter: american forces in afghanistan's camp bastion came
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under fierce assault. at least two were killed before the attackers were driven off. as night fell on the mideast, anti united states protests raged for a 4th straight day. in cairo hundreds of demonstrators burned american flags and chanted anti united states slogans. the angry protests have spread to more than 30 countries, police used a water cannon in other egypt. in sudan they stormed the embassy. black smoke came from the embassy in tunsia. one by one the four americans killed in libya came home for the last time. chris stevens, shaun smith and -- they were all remembered by the president. >> they knew the danger and
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accepted it. think lived the american ideal. >> lawmakers were briefed on the assaults. >> this was a calculated act of terror. >> reporter: the white house is not saying there was a security l aps e. >> there was a security presence. it was unfortunately not enough. >> reporter: the president has told congress he is sending combate equipped marines to protect american interests. >> it'll be a working weekend for the striking teachers in chicago. looks like they will be back monday but there are still details to work out. a vote is expected, the painstaking point has been negotiations. the bomb threat that forced college students to leave campus. tens of thousand has to be
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evacuated from the university of texas at austin and north dakota state university. the threats were just a hoax. ? our consumer alert we knew the i-phone 5 would be hot. pc magazine is reporting apple sold just of its preorder stock. while the first batch is spoken for you can still preorder. you just have to wait longer. we have a warning for families planning a wednesdaying in the next year with them averaging $0,000 every bride wants to save money. if anyone in your family is planning a wedding you know how expensive dresses can be but one learned some money saving
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options are indeed to good to be true. courtney was hoping to save year brides maid some money. instead of asking them to pay 150 or more she found them beautiful dresses at a website. >> they had a lot of different dresses. cute styles, cute models, the website looked legit. >> reporter: and the dresses were 55% off, well under $100 each. she ordered six dresses. what arrived was something different. >> the color isn't what i wanted. it's very tangy and -- cheap looking. >> reporter: not only were they bright red but came with different colored sequins. >> there is beading it didn't show on the website. >> reporter: courtney said they fit like tents. >> my sister and i tried it on and the sleeves were falling off down to here and it's very poorly put together.
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>> reporter: what she didn't know and what the website doesn't reveal is that they are located in china where united states regulations donta apply. they are the subjects of dozens of online complaints about dresses not matching the photographs. wee mailed the company which respondedon's mail saying if courtney sends pictures it'll consider refunding her money. she is doing that while rushing to find new dresses. there is a lesson in here. not just brides, any time you order something online research the seller, can't find where they are located, no mailing address,? maybe a case of don't waste your money. >> you can find that report along with others on website. >> now, the most accurate forecast. >> unevent almost weekend weather wise. a weather time l aps e
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photography of showing you just how side the studio doors. here is the shot downtown earlier this evening. a beautiful looking shot. you can see the humidity at 84%. the winds out of the southwest at five. you can see frederick cooling down. this is pushing across the area. that's only the change in to the overnight hours. forecasting a breeze yeah afternoon though with a -- good amount of sun. 60 degrees starts saturday morn approximating. in to the afternoon into tomorrow with the daytime high around 76 degrees. there is the cold front. it's now slicing through western maryland. it'll be over the city limits in to midnight hour and then behind this system we are seeing cooler, dryer air into
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detroit, already down in to the 50s in parts of detroit at this hour. there is heavy weather over missouri. that stays off to the south and then a system over south texas. this will be moist you're that gets picked up and pushed north. then at the tropics, there is ndaine this is a hurricane, winds at 75-miles an hour. future trend showing the next weather maker. that's going to set up over south texas. all this moisture toward the forth. just bank on the idea of monday being a wet day, tuesday transition day before we see the sun return. all in all it weekend stands to see -- we stand to see a nice weekend. 60 degrees in town. 50s north and west of town. a pair of 7's tomorrow. breezy sun. temperature lower, they struggle to get out of the lower 70a. the seven day forecast looks great. sunday mostly sunny but then the clouds will start to filter in during the course of the
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late afternoon hours and again that weather weather system we shaded over south texas that comes in to play by monday. monday could be -- could be nasty. going into tuesday as well. temperatures in to the 70s and the sun back out by wednesday at 71. we have a beautiful weekend. lot of things going on. frederick. >> monday is the -- the 50th anniversary of the battle of -- lot of ceremonies there. they might get rain as well. >> i think you will be okay. the whole state looks great. great through the weekend. >> but then monday. >> there you go. >> that could be the issue. >> more of the news coming up. first, here is bill weir with a look at night line. >> hello. coming up, a as protests erupt in 30 countries and embassies are burned we will have the latest on the growing crisis. and we 1nw
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anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism...
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and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. . we are showing you what it means to be a telecontest, nt. instead of a board meeting you can win a 50,000-dollar prize on a game show. the new craze about to land in baltimore. >> reporter: the music, the host, the rules, the prize. this is how game shows have worked for more than seven decades. think outside the tv box for a moment. >> good show. >> 2, 1. >> time to play let's ask
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america. >> reporter: welcome to the new reality of game shows. >> let's ask america. >> kind of like evolved to a time when people are there and not just watching tv the way they d. >> reporter: entertainment and technology, connecting contestants from colorado to alabama. >> you can just wake up, crawl out of bed, get on the computer and win 50,000. it's unheard of. >> finally figured out a way so everybody can play at once without delays. >> reporter: delays, glitches or uncomfortable moments. >> unless of course we are talking about the host. >> have a little faith. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> i clock out and fall asleep. i phone them in as much as possible. this is amazing. i feel like it's never been done. >> reporter: a unique conzest because unlike other game shows. this isn't knowledge based.
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it's opinion based. >> your opinion of what someone else's opinions. >> reporter: a team of writers dream up the questions and answers. >> then we send it out. >> reporter: to get a good feel of what america is thinking. it's a little different. definitely silly. but serious cash is on the line. >> the average salary in the united states is 42,000. >> you will get between 100 and 50,000. >> reporter: life is happening around these people. >> you never know what a cat or ex-boyfriend walks through and messes it up. i like that. beyond the crazy concept. >> and pull the lace up the shoe. >> reporter: quirky people. >> cash for cash the cute dog
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mascot. and clever comedian. let's ask america has compassion. >> seeing when you reveal they got it right. >> reporter: the heart that beats through every second. >> what will you do with the money? >> we want to try to have another child. >> reporter: and all the sudden you realize the contestants. >> reporter: this is more than just ageism. >> beautiful. >> reporter: it premieres on monday. big weekend. big sports weekend. orioles -- in the 4th out in
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oakland. >> weather is great. up and down the east coast. not a problem monday. let's plan out saturday. 60 to start the saturday morning. it's a breezy afternoon. lunchtime in the low 70's. we will go in to the middle 70s during the course of the afternoon. pair of 7's through the weekend. ravens game looks great. mostly sunny, clouds on the increase by sunday night into monday and then we will get a problem on monday, as i see heavy rain moving in across the area. notice temperatures in to 70s. no longer seeing 80s or 90s. we are just about done with that. >> yeah. >> that's the story as we go into next week. we will wrap it up after the break.
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